Miles Pfeffer obituary: Bucks County teen formally charged

Miles Pfeffer, 18, was arrested at his home on Quarry Road in Buckingham Township, Bucks County after allegedly killing a Temple University Police Officer on Saturday night. The incident occurred in the township, which took just 12 hours for police to solve. The Temple PD moved Pfeffer to the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on Monday morning. He had been charged with murdering a police officer and an officer killed during the commission of a crime.

Police officers quickly observed Pfeffer’s movements after finding the 18-year-old attempting to shoot an officer in a struggle on North 18th Street near Temple University’s campus. Surveillance footage helped authorities locate and arrest Pfeffer at his home in North Philadelphia.

When responding to reports of a robbery, Officer Fitzgerald first encountered Pfeffer near West Montgomery Avenue and 17th Street.

When the officer fell to the ground, authorities say Pfeffer shot him several more times in the head. They also claim he attempted to steal the officer’s gun, but was unsuccessful. When US Marshal Robert Clark witnessed Pfeffer being captured, he told Action News that Pfeffer stood over and shot the officer several times in the head while he was on the ground. Officer Fitzgerald handcuffs are a tradition used whenever someone fallen in service is arrested. Clark confirmed this when talking to the press about Pfeffer’s arrest.

Surveillance videos and other documents helped police locate Pfeffer. One video shows him committing a carjacking shortly after the fatal shooting.

Authorities located the stolen vehicle at North 30th Street and Sedgley Avenue. About an hour later, Pfeffer arrived in Buckingham Township. Clark said that last night’s work and cooperation with law enforcement agencies was a big success for everyone involved.

Authorities spent the afternoon of Sunday sorting through a large family house where the teen lived. Sources say the suspect told them he melted down the gun he used to commit the crime. A news helicopter flew over officers investigating a fire pit.

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