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Milton da Silva Obituary – Ayrton Senna’s father is dead at the age of 94


Ayrton Senna’s father, Milton da Silva dies at the age of 94 of natural causes The also grandfather of the ex-driver of Hispania, Bruno Senna, Milton da Silva died this Wednesday of natural causes.

RIPThe businessman was married to Neyde Joanna Senna, mother of #Senna # f1

Milton Teodoro Gilardo da Silva, the father of three-time F1 world champion Elton Senna, died of natural causes on Wednesday, October 27th at the age of 94. This was communicated by the Ayrton Senna Institute Press Office through official instructions and Facebook specifically introducing Ayrton Senna’s profile. Milton Da Silva and Neyde Joanna Senna are married.

In addition to Elton, there are two other children, Viviane and Leonardo. (Leonardo), and the grandfather of Viviane’s children Bruno and Bianca (in Portugal and Brazil, the children take the last surname in turn) the mother and father’s surnames, so The father’s last name will not disappear).

Milton da Silva was born in the north of São Paulo, known as “Miltao”, and began to engage in the automobile trade. After accumulating funds, he expanded his business by opening companies in the metallurgical field and investing in other sectors such as construction and animal husbandry, purchasing farms and livestock. Although he hoped that his son could help him with the housework, the crystal-like talent behind the wheels demonstrated by Ayrton convinced Milton da Silva to fully support his son’s career in the kart world and lead him in 1960.

The driver born in 2011 made his debut in the world of karting. F1 in 1984. Elton decided to play against his mother’s surname and became the F1 world champion in three seasons: 1988, 1990 and 1991, all victories on the wheels of McLaren. In Imola, he died unfortunately at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 at the age of 27. The editors of FormulaPassion.it joined the Senna family’s condolences.

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