Miranda Guerrero San Antonio Bar Fight Video Went Viral, Here Is The Mugshot Of The Woman Arrested

Miranda Guerrero San Antonio Bar Fight Video

Miranda Guerrero, a 22-year-old woman from San Antonio, was arrested for hitting two women with her car:A brawl between three women turned pretty chaotic in 2019 when one of them decided to take revenge against the remaining two.The fight that started inside the Northwest side bar took a nasty turn just outside the bar.Miranda Guerrero, a 22-year-old female hit two other females with her car, just outside the NW bar.This video was filmed by a cellphone and was later uploaded on social media.It immediately went viral in 2019 as more than 3 million people watched it.

The official sources later reported the incident and said that the bystanders opted to film it rather than to help the injured ladies or even call the police.

Who Is Miranda Guerrero From San Antonio?

Miranda Guerrero is a San Antonio-based woman who hit two other women outside a bar in 2019.

The incident took place immediately after the three females had been involved in a fight inside the location.

She hit two females with her car and fled the scene quickly as she sped up her car.

It took some time for the police to arrive at the scene since the surrounding people delayed reporting the incident to the cops.

Her professional background is unknown.

Miranda Guerrero Assault Video

The assault video of Miranda Guerrero where she hits two women with her car can be found easily on the internet.

The viral video shows that Guerrero drove her vehicle and hit one of them while they were walking in the street.

After the first woman got down, Miranda chased another woman, who wrestled with the car, and eventually brought her down as well.

You can find the video on an article published by Ksat where the full footage is shown.

It went pretty viral and millions of people saw it.


Miranda Guerrero Arrested

Miranda Guerrero was arrested by the police for charges related to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Although Miranda fled the scene, she was eventually caught by the police.

She was detained on two counts of assault and was kept in jail for around a month.

Furthermore, she was sentenced to prison with a bail of $50k.

As of the current time, Guerrero is thought to be out of prison after some of her known ones activated the bail.

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