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Mishka Express Her Rage To Rudra


The 10th November 2021 episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein begins where Vasu brings a sharp knife when Radha accepts that GPS has feelings for her. Radha instigates that Vasu would not do anything as they have feelings for each other, meanwhile, Vasu stabs her. She realizes that she was just assuming the scenario nothing has been done by Vasu, at the same time, thinks that once GPS comes she will confront everything. Spontaneously she gets a glimpse of GPS and asks the auto driver to follow the cab, the next day GPS comes to Vasu and apologizes as well for recent activities.

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Then Radha sings a song and cheers as the children are performing in Saransh’s vacation camp. Meanwhile, Vidhi informs Saransh that everyone was bullying him but now ever since, they got acquainted with his father’s ability that he looks like a rockstar and has energy as well, they have started praising him. Preesha is seeing everything and wonders that both Saransh and Vishi look cute together, after the performances Rudrabrings all children for having breakfast because it is been a long time having eaten anything. After eating they ask them to play with them because the activity will help them to digest the food.

Meanwhile, Paran & Mishka are waiting for Rudra in the studio and their Lil arguments begin as well, Meantime Rudra makes a call to Param and apologizes for not coming. At the same time, he asks them to come to the location of the camp because he has planned a surprise for them. After hearing all this Mishika’s anger goes at its peak because she did not expect it at all, then they reach the location of the camp and meet Rudra as he invited them for something, spontaneously Vidhi also arrives there.

On the other hand, Vasu decides to talk to Pressha due to recent circumstances which have been faced by him, and the consequences are totally different than he thought. Then Vasu reaches the bank alone and urges the manager to check the GPS account and is informed that he has made a transaction. First Manager denies but after urging for more he agrees to inform her about the transaction history, but somewhere Manager does not want to share anything because sometimes the transaction history could be confidential. So let see what will happen next in the show, so do not miss watching it on Star Plus and for further details connect with us.

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