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Missing: Who is Paige Coffey? Dead Or Alive, Suspect, Boyfriend Patrick Revealed


A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that have left upset everyone. It is about Paige Coffey who has gone missing recently. Her family is really worried about her and praying for her safety. She recently appeared on the True Crime Garage podcast. It is really sad for her family. The police officers have been started the investigation. Her family is heartbroken since she went missing. The news of her missing has been circulating on social media. People are expressing their concern to the family and her friends. In this article, we have brought some essential details about Paige Coffey.

Paige Coffey

Who is Paige Coffey?

Paige Coffey is identified as an African-American female. She is missing for some time. She has black hair and brown eyes. Apart from this, she is 5 feet 8 inches tall. As per the reports of iHeart, her weight is 230 pounds. She has tattooed piano keys on her arms, it seems like she is fond of the piano. Everyone is requested to help the police department to find her if they have any information regarding her missing case. Her relatives are also supporting her family in this tough time, they are trying their best to find her as soon as possible.

Well, now they have distributed flyers and requested help from local businesses. She went missing from Cleveland, Ohio. She was last spotted on 07 May 2019. She was 27 at the time of her missing. Police Authorities said that Coffey’s mother filed a complaint about her missing after 10 days. Her family is worried about her safety. According to some sources, she is an artistic and dependable person. Before going missing, she was working at a retail store in Torrid. Her missing case is handled by the Bratenahl police and the FBI.

Paige Coffey is in a relationship with his boyfriends whose name is Patrick Samar Mason Jr., he also has his nickname that is PJ. The police department and FBI  have suspected his boyfriend of her missing. He might be involved in her vanishing. However, it is not confirmed yet whether he is involved in this crime or not. Until the official sources confirmed his involvement in her missing, we can’t say anything regarding this. The police department has announced the reward of $5,000 if anyone finds out about her. We hope that Paige Coffey will be found soon and safely return to her parents. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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