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Molkki, 10th November 2021, Written Episode Update, Sakshi and Arjun know the secret of Purvi


Molkki, 10th November 2021, Written Episode Update, Sakshi and Arjun know the secret of Purvi: Hello readers, we are once again back with the next written update of “Molkki” of 10th November 2021. The show is constantly providing a high voltage drama which is highly appreciated by the audiences. One after another many twists is featured in the show. So instead of wasting time, let’s directly start the written update of today’s episode of the show. The episode starts with Sakshi attempting to push Purvi but stops after hearing the voice of Virendra. Later on, Sakshi made a plan to harm Purvi and tries to push her from the stairs but gets stopped after watching kids there. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Sakshi thinks that she can’t tolerate Purvi anymore and decides to kill her before Diwali at any cost. She got the message of Arjun and plans to take his help in order to kill Purvi. On the other side, Juhi and Manas plan to do something really special for Purvi. They want Purvi and Virendra to spend time together so they plan to arrange a romantic date for their parents on the terrace.

Manas inform Juhi that he will also shoot a family video. They go to Purvi and Virendra and inform them about the date and ask them to come to the terrace after one hour. Sakshi overhears their conversation and thinks that everyone is going to be busy with this stupid date and she get enough time to meet and goes from there. Manas and Juhi change the location of their parents’ date from the terrace to the lake area.

Sakshi asks Arjun to come and meet her close to the lake area. Juhi tells Purvi and Virendra that they changed their date location. Virendra tells them that he has urgent work to complete so he has to leave right now and then the kids ask him to come fast and reach the date location after finishing his work. Virendra leaves from there and Manas and Juhi arrange everything for their parents’ date.

Manas starts filming it. Sakshi asks Arjun to kill Purvi and she is ready to sacrifice her baby too. She discloses that how she trapped Prakashi to escape. Prakashi comes there and overhears their conversation and tells her that she never thought the latter will do all this with her. Manas watches them and records everything. That’s all for today we will be soon back with the next update till then stay with getindianews to know all the updates before the telecast of the serial and watch this episode of “Molkki” on the colors channel at 10:00 PM.

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