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Molkki Written Update 18th November 2021, Purvi Virendra election campaign


Molkki Written Update 18th November 2021, Purvi Virendra election campaign: The episode starts with Sakshi who has become Sarpanch of the village. Prakashi and Anjali come to congratulate her. Purvi sees all this and asks them if they forgot how she insulted them and threw them out of the house. Anjali says that it doesn’t matter to them now. She says that they have forgotten everything, now she is the winner so why do they remember old things. Prakashi says that it’s not good to mess with the winner. At home, Sakshi decides to celebrate her victory and she calls the ladies to dance at the palace. Virendra gets angry when he gets to know about this. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He goes to Sakshi and says to her that ladies don’t dance in this palace. Sakshi says now she is Sarpanch so everything will happen here what she wants. After some time, a lady enters the palace covering her face with a veil, she dances in Haveli in front of the guests. Virendra comes there and asks to stop all this drama. He holds the hand of the lady and throws her out of the house. Meanwhile, her veil removes from her face. Virendra gets stunned seeing her face. All the guest says that she is Mukhi Ji’s sister, Renu.

In the previous episode, we have seen Sakshi and Purvi give speeches in front of village people. They both try to impress village people with their words. Sakshi insults Purvi in front of everyone calling her a Molkki. She says that how can a Molkki become Sarpanch. She points her finger at Purvi’s character talking about her marriage with Arjun and Daksh. She also mentions Vipul. Purvi feels bad. Later, Purvi also gives a speech and says that she admits she was a Molkki earlier when she entered the village but now, she is Choti Mukhyani and she always stands by the right things.

Later, she reveals Sakshi’s doings. She tells everyone how she used Manas for her selfish reason, due to which Manas also got injured. She asks village people how can they trust the one who put her own child in danger. She reveals everything about Sakshi. Virendra says to Purvi that only she will win the election. After some time, voting starts, and village people vote. The election officer announces the result that Sakshi has got more votes so she is Sarpanch of the village. Now, there is a new entry in the show of Virendra’s sister. It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show? So, do not forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 Pm.

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