Molkki Written Update 21st Feb 2022 Today’s Episode: Virender Warns Satyam

In the last episode of Molkki, we have watched that Virender is warning Satyam to mind his words while talking to his mother. He further says even after she did all this to me she is still my mother who raised me made me a man who is the chief of the entire district. She says that she didn’t accept the death of Renu and was tried to kill herself. Just then a flashback previewed Virender along with Purvi meeting Prakashi in the hospital. Get more information on the last Molkki written update.

Molkki Written Update 21st Feb 2022 Today's Episode: Virender Warns Satyam

Virender is in the hospital asks Prakashi why did she try to commit suicide and says that he is still considered her as his real mother. Prakashi discloses all of her misdeeds and says that she has to punish herself. She further said she even didn’t deserve someone to call her mother. She continued and says she had even used her grandchildren and doesn’t like them. She revealed ahead that it was Satyam who pushed Renu from the terrace. Her heart is filled with guilt and again tried to kill herself but Virender stops her. Flashback ends with this.

Molkki Written Update Tonight Episode

Satyam blamed Prakashi that she ruined the complete plan and says the one who assist the criminal is also a culprit. Satyam then said we still have got some time so better change your statement. Prakashi says that God will look after her sins and justice will happen. Virender says that he will best lawyer in the entire country and will try hard to lessen her sentence. But Prakashi asks him to let her pay for what she did. Police take Satyam along with them and Prakash begs Purvi and Virender for forgiveness. Virender thinks that today her sister’s soul will find peace today.

Purvi peeks at Virender and Smiles and they hug each other and ask if he is angry. Virender nods in yes and says I was dying to see you for long. She calls Virender Kroor Singh and he calls her ‘Khadus Teacher’. She appreciated Virender as a great husband and his immense support to her and give her a position of a respected wife and a chief.

Purvi then criticized the Molkki tradition. Virender asks Purvi to don’t call herself Molkki ever in your future you are the owner of this mansion. The show ends and will return with its season 2. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest entertainment updates.

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