Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai 3 (2021) Winner Name Grand Finale Who Won Title

After a long time waiting, finally the die-hard admirers of quite fantabulous game reality show Mr. & Mrs. Chinnathirai Season 3 has liberated that grand finale date and timing officially, which has set the fire among those who are following the show from the very beginning. On 12th December 2021 at the regular timing, the grand finale episode will be broadcasted, as the makers have shared the crucial details officially, even several exclusive promos have been also conferred by the makers so that, the audience can get an appropriate glimpse of the coming activities, so below you can get the details about the contestant who will win the show, as the predictions have arrived.

Chinnathirai 3 winner

Recently, the viewers have become the witness of such enthusiastic twists and turns under which, we got our top five contestants who will compete in the Grand Finale episode, to make the title on their name. Because the show matters a lot for everyone as it will open some doors for the winner through which, their career will get new heights. But the entire attention has been grabbed by the prize money, because makers have decided such a massive amount along with trophy because the season 3 of Mr. & Mrs, Chinnathirai is counting in the list of a top successful season.

Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai 3 Winner

On 20-21st November 2021, the makers have broadcasted the top 5 selections special episode, through which, we got those five names who will compete to make the title on their name as a winner along with their couples. Even the makers are preparing such a best arrangement as they have promised at the beginning. So, therefore, they have pressurized to live up to the expectation of the admirers, because as soon as time is passing the curiosity of the fans is hitting the bricks.


  • Vinoth & Ishwarya
  • Gayathri & Yuvaraj Master
  • Sarath & Keerthi
  • Nandini & Yogesh
  • Jack & Roshni
  • Rajmohan & Kavitha.

As everyone is acquainted that previously, Jack and Rohani got the victory to occupy the Ticket to Finale (TFT), hence many possibilities are saying that they have a chance to win the show while defeating the rest of the contestants. But still, everything is under the hands of the audience, because voting numerics will decide the destiny of the contestant, that who will win the show. Because as soon as the time is passing their fans are placing their votes so that, their favorite contestant can win the show, as everyone would like to see their favorite one as the winner of the show.


If the reports are to be believed, so Jack and Rose will be the runner-up of Mr. & Mrs. Chinnathirai Season 3. But still, there are huge possibilities for the changes, as the rest of the contestants are also trying to make their impact on the heart of many people. Because the show is hitting the headlines now because just in a small time period we will get the winner of this season which is incredible enough. Even all those who are following the show from the very starting, are keeping their eyes on each activity of the makers.

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