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Music Artist And Family Among Nine Dead In Crash


Recently, a piece of tragic news is reported from the Dominican Republic where a massive plane crash took place, which was carrying around 9 people. It burst into flames while attempting an emergency landing nearby Las Americas International Airport. As soon as the incident occurred it created such a worst atmosphere among those, who became the witness of the tragedy because the sound was scary enough and prayed for the families of those who lost their lives during the incident, hence everyone is mourning their unexpected demise, so below you can get the comprehensive details behind the incident.

Dominican Republic Plane Crash: Music Artist And Family Among Nine Dead In Crash


As per the exclusive reports or sources, the HI1050 aircraft a type of Gulfstream GIVSP had been left for Miami along with 2 crew members including 7 passengers, unfortunately, no survivor is reported yet as the incident became the cause of their unexpected demise. But among the victims, 6 have been recognized as American Citizens included a 38-years-old  Puerto Rican music producer Jose Angel Hernandez. He is most popular as Flow La Movie, even his partner cum companion Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia along with son Jayden Hernandez, who is going to turn in 4th July, but unfortunately they are no longer.

Dominican Republic Plane Crash Updates

As soon as the investigation is going on many victims’ identity is coming out and their dead body, so that, their families can arrange their funerals. But the concerned department is figuring out the reason behind the case, that what was the cause behind this tragedy, because hitherto it is being said that technical issues had surrounded the aircraft because of which, the crew had lost the commander and aircraft got out of control from their hand. Which become the cause of their unexpected passing, even the entire aircraft has been destroyed enough, that no pieces of it is left yet.

Everyone is mourning their death because no one had imagined that their unexpected death were waiting for them, in such a manner. Even the aircraft has been bringing many celebrities as well, whose loss is quite heartwrenching. This is the reason, all their celebrity are paying tribute to them while praying for their family as well, but a few deceased had lost their entire as well. The concerned department has assured the people, that they will investigate the case, so that, the exact truth could come ahead, so stay tuned with us to know more because when something will come we will update you.

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