Naagin 6 Today’s 6th February 2022 Episode: Basant Panchami Special Episode

Hello, all the Naagin lovers, finally, your favourite television drama has caught the heat through the 5th February 2022 episode. Yes, your heard right, Basant Panchami special episode is broadcasting on Colors TV, in the previous one, the streamers have watched all enthusiastic twists and turns which were totally unpredicted. This is the reason almost everyone is looking ahead to get more glimpses or updates of the 6th February 2022 episode. Because last episode end at the spot where ” AdiNaagin” was about to get the “Sheshnaag’s book”. So below you could get everything you need to know along with BTS (Behind The Scene” moments as well.

Naagin 6

The 6th February 2022 episode begins where you will stream that finally, “AdiNaagi” aka Baani is going to take the “Sheshnaag’s Book” including this, their villain’s entry is also about to take place which will definitely make you amazed. Because all these villains have their own motto to destroy those Naagins, who are coming in the path of getting the “Sheshnaag’s Book” because this book is containing such formula’s that could be beneficial if the book is under the good hands, but if someone in short demon gets it than explosion will occur in the entire world.

Naagin 6 Today’s Preview

  • Baani is going to get the “Book of Sheshnaag”.
  • Amarpali will be seen in the Negative character.
  • Maahir, Shesha, Vishakha and other are coming to support Baani.

Apart from all these, one thing is totally amazing that “AdiNaagin” aka Baani is not alone in these circumstances of fighting against the villains, many other Naagins are also going to take place to help her so that, they could make the book secure from the hands of those who will use this to end the world. Even Maahir will also come to help them along with Shesha, Vishakha, and others, so you could amuse who would the episode be grand. Because many secrets are going to unveil through the episode, which is remaining the hit discussion among everyone.

But the entire attention has been grabbed by the actress “Amarpali” who is going to take revenge against Baani, she wants to get the “Book of Sheshnaag”. Her appearance will definitely make the four moons, because prior to this, she has seen in the negative character. So this is the reason the expectation of her admirers is getting increased as time is passing. Because everyone would like to watch her in the negative character because everyone is acquainted with her acting skills. So this is the reason everyone is impatiently waiting for the episode, so watch it at the correct time on Colors.

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