Naagin Episode 20-3-2022 Written Update Spoilers Alert & Preview

Hey folks, we are here with the exclusive updates of your favorite TV drama “Naagin Season 6” as the 20th March 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama to make your weekend over the top. Yes, you heard right, both Naagins Pratha and Mehak are ready to execute their further plans to destroy those demons who are hanging on their neck as swords to catch the “Naagmani” at any cost. Therefore, Mehak decided to become part of the Holi celebration, so that, no one could even doubt her and her plans will get success as well but somewhere Rishabh has doubted the two.

Naagin 6

The recent episode commences, where Pratha and Mehak kill Ridhi as she was creating obstacles in their path, and therefore, they had to slaughter her in such a manner. But twist arrives when they start investigating the case of Diya, because at any cost they want to find out the defaulter whose prime involvement is standing behind her demise. Pratha says that they will need to do something before its too late, but Mehak makes her understand that first, they should go to attend the Holi celebration. So that, no one could even doubt them, but at the same time, Rishabh is finding Pratha as well.

Naagin Episode 20-3-2022 Written Update

  • Pratha and Mehak kills Ridhi
  • Snake Charmer controls Pratha

After a while, when Pratha comes back to attend the function Rishabh comes to ask her something, but spontaneously their elders ask them to perform. Initially, they refuse but under the pressure of them, they would have to perform unwillingly, extempore a snake charmer also takes place and starts playing his weapon so that, Pratha could come in her real avatar. Hence, as soon as he starts playing she gets unconscious and begins to dance on his nod, and when he asks her to come into her real “SheshNaagin” avatar, meanwhile Urvashi overturns the entire game.

At the same time, Rishabh sees snake charmer while accusing Pratha, and hence, he rushes towards her and stops him which throwing out, by mentioning that who called him here, despite knowing that celebration is going on here. Meanwhile, the snake-charmer says that he is making the blunder to ignore him because he knows everything about Pratha. But Rishabh does not consider him and asks security to send him out as soon as possible. So do not miss streaming it on Colors and for more details stay tuned with us.

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