Naagin Season 6 Today’s Episode Written Update 19th Feb 2022: Mehak Kills Demon

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, finally your patience has over as the Naagin Season 6 is ready to make your weekend amazing through the coming broadcasting. Which are containing such an incredible drama, as Mehak is going to execute something big against those people who have a connection with 20 demons who have decided to ruin the entire world along with Naagins, and therefore, she is not ready to take any chance with their safety. In short, the 19th February 2022 episode will be charismatic enough as many untold facts will be unveiled, so below you could get everything.

Naagin Season 6 Today's Episode Written Update 19th Feb 2022: Mehak Kills Demon

The coming episode begins, where Mehak gets a vibe from Manager which seems that he has a great connection with those 20 evil powers, while nothing is here he is a normal guy who is not acquainted with any demon or evil. But despite this, when Mehak comes in front of him and asks to unleash everything, he does not say anything as he is not aware of anything, and therefore, she spontaneously throws poison on him which becomes the prime cause behind his passing. Meanwhile, Mehak says that she gave him chance to reveal everything but he did not, so, therefore, he had to lose his life.

Naagin Season 6 Today’s Episode Update

Meanwhile, Pratha comes there and while hearing the sound of her feet Mehak leaves the place and extempore Rishabh asks her what she is doing here. At the same time, Pratha says that she heard something and figure out everything she had to come here, otherwise she was not about to come and leaves the place as well. Somewhere Rishabh gets doubt on her because now her behaviour has been changed properly, while is a bit shocking for him. Hence he says that he will need to find out everything and that what is the reason behind her weird behavior.

After a while, Mehak comes to the professor and makes him familiarized that she has killed one more demon among those 20, he gets shocked to hear her statement because to whom she killed that person was not a real one. Meantime, he says that the main culprit is someone else, not the person she killed, she asks so who is the prime defaulter. Then he says that Urvashi’s husband is the real culprit behind all this stuff, meanwhile, she goes to him while taking a face a Urvashi. So watch it on Colors at 08:00 PM and for further details stay tuned with us.

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