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Nagaland Lottery Result 3.12.2021 Dear Tender Morning Winning Numbers


Good day, let all the money makers pull up your socks get ready for one of the most affluent gambling games of Nagaland state. Well, as of now, the state government is coming along with the winning number of the renowned Nagaland Dear Tender Morning Result.

Well-organized gambling sports is again going to provide a golden chance to become moneyed. So, all the participated candidates get ready along with their lottery tickets. The aspirants can check the result according to their convenience as organisations are coming up with both online and offline. Get more information on Nagaland Lottery Result.

nagaland lottery result

All the aspirants can check the complete result at 11:50 AM and the complete result will be published at 12:30 PM. All the aspirants get ready to make fortune this morning. The game is completely unbiased as the winning chances in a lottery is mainly completely dependent on luck. Along with luck it also depends on several factors including the count of winning numbers drawn, count of possible numbers etc. Alongside the participants should also maintain the authenticity by purchasing tickets from authorised lottery dealers as it assisted in preventing fraud.

Well, Nagaland is one of the 13th states that allow and encourage its citizen to participate in the lottery and get a chance to enhance their living style. The state also possesses India’s first poker licence and it is the first Indian state to pass a law on the online game of skill. Each year the state government collected immense profit in state revenue, so basically, this low-risk investment scheme is providing benefits to both state and its citizens. The profits also assisted the state government to increase the facilities in the state.

Nagaland Lottery Result

Check here Nagaland Dear Tender Morning Lottery Result at 11:50 PM on 3 December 2021. We suggest all the aspirants check the result carefully.

  • First prize: Rs 26 Lakhs
  • Consolation prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • Second prize: Rs 9,500/-
  • Third prize: Rs 500/-
  • Fourth prize: Rs 250/-
  • Fifth prize: Rs 120/-

People of Nagaland like to invest their money in the lotteries and try to get success through it and fetching a great amount of money. You can simply check the result here on this website. Well, this is not the only chance the state government is giving to citizens, but there are a total of three chances giving the participants to win a whopping prize of Rs 26 Lakhs.

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