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Nai-Ni Chen Cause Of Death Whose Dances Merged East and West, Dies at 62


The renowned choreographer and dancer Nai-Ni Chen has reportedly passed away. Her dance company named “Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company” has merged contemporary and traditional Chinese in performances that garnered huge appreciation all over the United States (U.S) along with overseas for over three decades. Now, it is reported that the internationally-known performer has died on Sunday, December 12, 2021, in Hawaii. Nai-Ni’s fans and well-wishers are paying the dancer a heartfelt tribute and are searching for her cause of death or reason. Here’s what we know about her death.

Whose Dances Merged East and West

Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company took to its official Facebook page to share the saddening news. They wrote that they are disheartened to lose the company’s driving force and backbone. It was stated that the choreographer had gone for a swim in one of the oceans in Hawaii named Kailua Beach on Sunday. Later, a passerby found her lifeless body. The company wrote that Ms Chen was a creative genius and she always had an eye for surprise and joy and mentioned that her ever glowing smile sparkled her eyes like a star in the sky.

The dance company added that Nai-Ni’s movement was like a concrete stream- strong but soothing! They further wrote that she has performed serious dances in her career and her favourite one was “Raindrops”. It was written that the company will always keep the dancer alive in their memories and added that she will be dearly missed by all her near and dear ones. They also appealed to the public to reach out to any one of the dancers if they happen to know them.

Nai-Ni Chen belonged to Taiwan and in 1982, the dancer came to the United States. She had planned to get a master’s degree at New York University and to return to her home. Although she did complete her masters there, the dancer couldn’t go back home as she was mesmerized by the art scenes in New York that proved captivating. Talking to the TimesLedger in 2017, Chen had shared that she was so excited about dancing in Taiwan that she decided to stay instead of just teaching there.

After six years, Nai-Ni Chen along with Mr Chiang began the “Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company”. The company’s touring circle started to grow in 1990 across the country. Speaking of Chen, she is trained in all of the traditional dances of China and Taiwan. Once the 62-year-old dancer had said that she liked blending both Eastern, Western, and aesthetics and that she believes in experimenting every day.

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