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New Bern Babysitter Charged In Nanny Cam Child Abuse Case


Lauren Rowe Arrested: New Bern Babysitter Charged In Nanny Cam Child Abuse Case: On a news channel you might have been hearing the name Lauren Rowe, she is a nanny who has been acted so rudely and with cruelty to a baby. Her video of doing something so terrible with a baby is getting viral and also circulating n social media platforms. Many of the people are getting so impatient to know what is in the video. Well, you guys are on the right platform as in the article below we have covered the complete story inside the video. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lauren Rowe arrested

Lauren Rowe Arrested

Lauren is a new babysitter who has been arrested after the father of that baby posted the video of her. In which she is seen pulling the arm and back of the two-year baby and forcing him to react to the whole pot pie in this way. Well, this video is getting viral on social media and people get afraid of the nannies. They are also claiming that the babysitters aren’t trustworthy and they all are treated the children this way only behind the parents. Users are sharing more and more so that they can raise awareness among the parents of babies.

After her video get viral she has been arrested on October 27, 2021. But she has been bailed on the same day as she paid the $2,500 on her charge and waiting for the trial. The victim’s parents and the lady both were reached to the court for their first hearing on November 8, 2021. And then the lady had been directed not the make any contact with the parents and the family of the victim.  And she isn’t allowed to meet children below age 16.

The Nanny in the video saw food on a baby when he was crying and also forcing his hands backward. The video was posted on Facebook and now it is getting viral all around the internet and other so media platforms also.  And now people are threatening her for her death and the authorities are now trying to remove it from all the social media platforms. She has been under charges which include Bob cherry od Craven county court she might have been facing jail for 150 days.

Whereas the name of the child is still a secret and didn’t yet reveal on the internet. The presence of the child is so afraid off and they are asking for the full security of them and their child.

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