Nima Denzongpa 5th Jan 2022 Today’s Written Update: Maaji Insults Nima

In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Paras and Manya come to Nima’s house and are stunned to see Paras’ family there. Nima frowns Manya. Paras then says that I and Manya both were unaware of each other’s family. Paras further says but now, I know his family but it still doesn’t matter for me at all. I still feel the same for Manya. Maaji further says that we came here to accept your wife but it is impossible for us to accept the daughter of our maid as our daughter in law. Get more information in Nima Denzongpa written update.

Nima Denzongpa 5th Jan 2022 Today's Written Update: Maaji Insults Nima

Rani Sa got the address from Bakay by torturing him and leaving for Nima’s society. Maaji there getting worried what if Rani Sa learns that Paras married a servant’s daughter. At the same time, Rani Sa along with her guard and Bakay reached the society. Bakay says that he only knows the society, but not the house number. Rani Sa says we will take care of the rest. They started finding Nima’s home, Bakay says that I am exhausted.

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Maaji again warned Paras to come back home otherwise, but Paras again refused to return. Paras says you already thrown me out of the house. Nima supports Maaji and says that you both have taken this decision in a dilemma but now you can correct your mistake. Suresh also suggests Paras return home. Paras says I will leave from here if you don’t want me here but I won’t go back home unless my family won’t accept Manya as their daughter in law. After arguing a bit, Maaji is leaving from there but Rani Sa finds her at Nima’s house.

Rani Sa grins at Maaji and says it is impossible to trick Rani Sa, she says I have caught you red-handed and asks if Paras’ wife live here. But Maaji manipulates her words and hides the truth. Maaji asks Nima and Suresh to come along with them they all leave from there. Rani Sa feels that something is going wrong here. Sunita is getting eager to inform Tulika of all the things.

Meanwhile, she collided with Rani Sa and misbehave with her. Rani Sa you don’t aware of me, I won’t spare you. Rani Sa leaves from there and heads to Paras’ home. Suresh and Nima go with Maaji in their car and in between Maaji insults both of them and asks them to get out of the car, Nima sobs.

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