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Nima Denzongpa Today Episode 10th Nov 2021 Written Update: Maaji Hires Asha


In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we are watching that Suman comes home and Asha greets her. Suman asks about her, Asha replies that Maaji hired hr for today. At the same time, Suresh comes there and gets surprised seeing Asha. She gives a weird look to Suresh and leaves. Suman gets sad knowing that Maaji hired another maid, she recalls of Nima. Manya comes to Sia’s office and asks to use the bathroom. Mitali is also present at the bank, Manya noticed her wrist and noticed the same bracelet Paras gift him.

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Mitali says that her fiance gives this to her as a present, she further says that she doesn’t really like it but just wears it for her sake. Manya says that her mother made me return this and leaves from there. Asha there brings tea for Suresh and asks if you are leaving this job. Suresh says that he isn’t leaving the job. Asha further asks that I have heard that I replaced Nima. Suresh looks on, Asha says that she hasn’t met Nima after that quarrel. She asks another question to Suresh says that she heard you married another woman. Suresh gets annoyed and says there are many Nima in this world and I don’t know about everyone.

Suresh says that I divorced her and this is all so far, Aisha replies it is quite that you understand that Nima is useless. Suresh wonders that he has to be careful of Asha as she is aware of their truth. Sarla brings a pickle to Nima, Nima gets elated seeing the pickle and says she is craving for it. Nima says that Suman wants me back on the job, she is always beside me. Nima says she would be happy if she returns there. Nima says that she is also hiding our secret.

Suresh is in the car along with Suman and says Asha knows about our secret. Suman surprisingly asks what, Suresh replies yes and says she is aware of our truth. She says that Asha is an evil woman she did bad with Nima. Suresh tells Suman everything about how Asha threw her out of the house. Suresh says she even won’t leave this job peacefully. Suman says that she already can’t do anything in this as she is hired by Maaji. Suresh looks on. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and Nima Denzongpa Written update.

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