Nima Denzongpa Today Episode 9th Nov 2021 Written Update: Why Shiv Ignoring Siya

The latest episode of Nima Denzongpa starts with, Manya is telling Nima to bring some more groceries. Nima asks her to be careful, just then Sia comes there and Nima doesn’t talk to her. Manya apologized to her for revealing her truth. Sia says it doesn’t matter. Sia goes to her mother and apologizes to her. Nima says that I didn’t hide anything from you, she says that I told you many times that I had committed a mistake for love. Nima goes to prepare tea and asks Sia that Shiv is a decent man but you need to focus on your career.

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She says having a partner in life is a must but first, you have to be successful. It doesn’t matter how nice a man is, his family members should also be good. Nima further says that I have raised you all so you never have to be dependent on anyone. Sia says that I thought you were mad at me. Nima hugs her and says I know that you won’t disappoint me. Hemant tells Paras that Manya returns the bracelet and left a letter for you. Paras reads that letter and says I don’t need this bracelet.

Ginesh comes to Paras and says that it is good that you got this bracelet back. Ginesh then suggests Paras gift this bracelet to Mitali she will be happy to get a pretty gift like this. Paras thinks of his words and recalls Manya’s disappointed words. Varun there is telling his friends that he would fail if he failed to arrange money. His friend again comes with an idea and says they can’t fail you. Varun agreed with his friend’s idea and says I ain’t going to take the exam.

Sia tries to call Shiv but he isn’t attending her call, Sia texts Shiv and asks her to talk to her. Manya asks Sia what happened to her, Sia tells her that her phone is running out of battery. Manya gives her phone to Sia and asks what is the matter. Sia says nothing like that and asks her to go, but Manya says I am not going to leave you. Sia hugs Manya and cries, Manya again asked what happened. Sia says that he was elated when I was at her sister’s house, but then he express his love So I ran away. He even tried to stop me but I messed up the things. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information for more Nima Denzongpa written updates.

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