No Way Home Actor Trending Online?

English actor Tom Holland who is popularly known for his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home has been trending online. The 25-years-old actor has left the netizens confused ever since the rumours of his inappropriate images being leaked online has started to surface. Yes, the hashtag titled “Tom Holland leaked” has occupied the top trends and it has begun trending on Twitter and other social media platforms as well. The rumours are really increasing the curiosity level of the fans who are searching if the actor’s pics have actually gotten viral or it’s just another baseless rumour.

Did Tom Holland Viral Images Leak On Twitter? Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Actor Trending Online?

Well, let us inform you that the said rumours came to light after Tom Holland revealed that he is returning for another Spider-Man trilogy. However, the actor has not come forward to speak about the rumours yet. But the internet has surely been discussing the same for quite some time now. As per the reports, Tom Holland went viral on Sunday, November 28, when his fans started searching his pictures online. However, the images that are reportedly doing rounds on the internet aren’t real. It seems like someone has edited those pictures and it is also not shared by the actor himself.

Tom Holland Viral Images Leak On Twitter

Despite Holland not being involved in anything about the viral matter, the edited pictures make it seem like Holland himself shared those leaks on his official Instagram profile. However, the fans of the young actor found out about those pictures being edited as the username was not of the actor’s. Talking about the creator of the edited picture, it is still not disclosed. His identity has not been revealed yet and he remains to be unknown as of now. Some followers also posted tweets where they expressed their shock on the matter.

Speaking of when will Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, it is all set to get released on December 17 this year. However, tickets for the film were already getting sold starting from November 29 and it is no surprise to state that the site crashed within seconds. The chief analyst at shared that looking at the fans reactions and eagerness for the release of this upcoming film, it is obvious to say that movie will be no less than a hit. It was stated that the film belongs near the top with a select few others. Tom Holland’s upcoming project also include Uncharted. Stay tuned for more updates!

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