NY Dad Assaulted Taken Out of School Meeting by Guard in video For Not Putting Up Mask

These days, uncounted weird incidents are coming to the fore and almost every time these incidents remain the subject of heavy discussion. Something similar has recently happened with Dave Calus who has been instructed to put on the mask almost thrice during the school meeting where his child pursues their studies, but every time he refuses to put it on because of which, the school management team had to take any action against him while sending him out. Because during the novel virus pandemic everyone should follow the precautions so that, other people could not affect by it.

Dave Calus

As per the exclusive report & sources, on 8th January 2022, Tuesday a father was called by the school management of Webster, New York School board to attend a meeting, so that, the teachers could make him acquainted with the progress report of his child. But during the meeting, he put off his mask because of which, the management team had to interrupt him to put it on but all the time he refused. Later, the security guard had to send him outside so that, others could prevent others from him because the virus is too contagious and easy to spread.

Later, when he created a ruckus during the meeting while arguing a lady stood right in front of them and asks to guard that he should make him out as soon as possible. Because he could touch his hands to other children too while sneezing which is inappropriate enough. Even a police officer also came to the spot and tried to make the circumstances normal, at the same time, other parents also interrupted them while asking the concerned department to take him out if he does not put on the mask. Because no one would like to take chance in a public place.

It is being reported, that the circumstances turned into a heated argument at the time of the incident, when the person refused to put the mask on. The concerned authorities have tried their best to control the situation but when it got out of control then they will have to take the action. Because more than thrice they have asked him to follow the precautions but when he refused while arguing then they were helpless to make him out from the meeting area. So that, others could be safe from him because nothing is more important to follow the precautions now.

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