NYC Man Follows A TikToker and Threatens Her Check Viral Video Who Is User shamisaaaa?

Nowadays, uncounted viral video incidents are catching the heat on social networking sites while remaining the subject of massive discussion. But one this is common in these incidents is that all the time it leads to an inappropriate content-rich video, but sometimes these incidents contain such a different & scary story. Something similar is recently reported from New York City’s Union Square, where a stranger is appearing while following a TikTok user. As soon as the video took place on social media it set the entire platform on fire as almost everyone is slamming that man for passing such remarks.

NYC Man Follows A TikToker and Threatens Her

As per the exclusive reports, the aggressive man chases her while threatening to slit her throat, and beating her as well. The woman who shared the video wrote a caption as well, in which she said, “It started while I was sitting and thinking about her business, they kept observing. Then they come to her and asked that ‘Ma’am are you fine and she said, ‘who, me and then he initiated to chase her while threatening in such a worst manner. The video is shared by the username called @shamisaaaa, who was appearing while rushing fast to take him away to her.

Later, she dropped a clip on social media in which she unleashed the circumstances that she faced at the time of the incident, she said ” she does not feel safe because this big guy kept on chasing her and she caught him on camera as well, that anonymous man passed a remark to him that “B**ch I will kick you out, and I will knock your f**cking’s teeth as well. This is what the defaulter said to her while causing which left her in great terror because she does not know who was he and for how long had he been following her.

It is being reported, that almost everyone is supporting her on social media and encouraging her as well, so that, she could not be affected more by the incident, and a few are advising her as well that how to deal with this kind of circumstances. Besides this, almost everyone is slamming him for using such foul language with someone without any reason, even when someone does not know him. Even a few users are advising her to take legal actions against the culprit before it’s too late so that, he could not execute something against her.

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