If you are a fan of Kasus Oky and came here to know something new and viral about him, then this article will upset you. Recently, the case of the social media influencer has been making waves on both Yandex and Twitter. He found himself embroiled in controversy after some of his social media posts and Tweets were deemed insensitive and offensive. Now there are many people who are familiar with this news and looking to know insight knowledge of it. Here we are ready to talk about this controversy along with the real facts.

Kasus Oky Warda


Kasus Oky Warda Viral Video

This controversy started on 15th March 2023, when many Twitter users found the tweet of a social media influencer offensive. The report states that Oky made controversial remarks about Islam and their culture of wearing hijab. Now the main reason for the entire controversy is due to religion. The Twitter account of Oky Warda which goes by under username @oky_warda, has been a hot topic on social media platforms. His viral and controversial tweet created an uproar, with several individuals calling for Oky to be held, accountable for his words.

After watching a lot of backlash and negative comments, he released an apology on his Twitter account saying that he did not mean to insult or offend anyone and that he was sorry for his comments. Though his apology was not well-get by several individuals, who felt that Oky was just trying to get away from this controversy instead of taking responsibility for his actions. The controversy enclosed Oky Wards has also spilled over onto Yandex. It is basically a famous search engine based in Russia.

The name of Oky has been now trending on Yandex with several individuals searching for information about him and the controversy which he created through his tweets. It is worth noting that tweets of Oky have been interpreted into Russian which has aided to amplify the argument even further. Several users of Russia have also been calling for Oky to be held accountable for his derogatory words. Other than that, there are many people who want to know more about him. Apart from it, many people want to know if any kind of punishment has been given to Oky Warda. As of now, no such official punishment has been given to him. As of now, we just have this many details related to this controversy but we are hoping to get more and soon we will share them with you.

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