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One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit Explained


One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit Explained: We are going to be talking about the spoilers of One Piece, the last two chapters which have been 1030 and 1031, have been absolutely electric and they have left many questions open regarding the future, the most pressing question on the mind of every fan is about what is going to happen to the beloved cook naming Sanji. The recent chapters which have come have shown Sanji’s transformation, he has become an emotional soldier like his brothers which is causing worry among the audiences of the show, there are likely solutions which we can discuss and we are here to tell you about them in order to relax you a bit. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit

One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit

How Will Sanji Fare?

I will say this at the start, this is going to disappoint many fans but the most likely solution is for Chopper to find a way in order to bring Sanji’s emotions back, the execution is going to matter a lot, the fans are going to be upset if it feels like that Sanji’s transformation has no real significance.


One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit

If we even keep the execution aside, the likeliness of this is pretty high considering that the chopper has done the impossible before as the fans have already seen his heroics during the time of the Onigashima raid, Chopper was able to reverse engineer an Ice Oni antidote under the time limit.

The one major flaw here is about fixing Sanji, Chopper and the Crew would likely have to meet with Germa again, the Vinsmoke judge is not at all eager to help “fix” his son during the Judge’s eyes, Sanji without the emotions is as he should be and this is what the fans would want to happen.

Sanji Back To His Senses

One of the problems for Sanki is going to be Robin and Nami who have been talking and hitting him back to his senses, this has been seen throughout the show, Sanji instantly changes his demeanor when he is addressing them which is making his characteristics consistent. It seems like Sanji would likely have to hit Nami or Robin before he is forgiven by them in order to change.

One Piece 1032 Leaked Spoilers On Reddit

Final Thoughts And Predictions

The transformation as seen recently in One Piece is likely going to be undone by Luffy’s forgiveness and acceptance of his friend, has been seen throughout One Piece, the positive effects of Luffy which can affect the psyche of his crew, from Naomi to Sanji, WCI to Arlong Park. There are going to be updates on the show in the coming weeks, let see if our predictions are going to come true or not, if you have a different theory then you can comment and discuss it with the other enthusiasts of the show.

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