One Piece Chapter 1043 Release Date and Time Preview Spoilers

The popular Japanese manga series “One Piece” has been nothing but a major source of entertainment to all manga lovers. By looking at its number of chapters, the idea of the level of its popularity can be comprehended. Yes, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, the series has delivered a total of 1042 chapters till now. Now, the fans are excited about the release date of the upcoming chapter 1043. Netizens are curious to know when they will get to see the next edition. Well, we have got you covered. Check complete details here.

One Piece Chapter 1043

As per reports, the forthcoming chapter will likely be very controversial. The chapter strongly implies that Luffy is Joy Boy. For the longest time, he was shown as a little kid who had big dreams but now it will be shown that he is Joy Boy who still has to work hard. It looks like Luffy was destined to become the next Joy Boy or some who will shake the foundations of the world. However, it also does not mean that Luffy will get everything handed to him as he still has to prove himself time and time again.

Undoubtedly, some of the fans are really going to disappoint after finding out about Luffy being the Joy Boy. Also, let us add that the previous achievements of the Straw Hat will not be taken away from him. One should also note that Luffy always had the great potential within him long before this chapter. He was the grandson of Garp, the son of Dragon, and the legendary Hero of the Marines. He was never shown as a normal kid as his upbringing alone defies that very concept. However, some of the fans do not want him to be another ‘chosen one’.

It is also said that the Luffy Vs Kaido battle will continue as the two prepare to attack one another. One Piece Chapter 1043 will be released on Sunday, March 13, 2022. Earlier it had been stated that the series is on break this week but it looks like it is all set to entertain the fans with its interesting storyline and concept. The timings vary according to the region. The Pacific Time is 9 AM while Central Time and Eastern Time is 11 Am and Noon respectively while the British Release Time is 5 PM on Sunday. Keep following our site and get more such latest and interesting updates! Stay tuned to this space!

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