One Piece Chapter 1043 Trailer Reddit leaked Teases at Luffy Being Joy Boy

Some spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1043 have surfaced online recently. Interestingly, the leak suggests that Luffy is Joey Boy.

One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers Reddit leaked Teases at Luffy Being Joy Boy

One Piece is finally back in Luffy and Kaido’s fight, but things didn’t go the way fans expected. In the previous chapter, we saw how the CP0 boss distracted Luffy. As a result, Kaido made a powerful attack on the Straw Hat Pirate Leader. Afterwards, we see Luffy fall to the ground and Kaido is heartbroken by the recent situation, especially with Luffy’s facial expressions similar to Oden’s.

Now every One Piece fan is wondering how Luffy will get back on his feet against Kaido. Well, we’ll have to wait until next week for answers, but some leaks are teasing some big things for the next chapter.

According to the latest leak, One Piece Chapter 1043 is titled We Will Die Together. Early spoilers suggest that the chapter cover shows the oven reaching the entire cake island.

Shockingly, spoilers claim that Kaido is claiming the victor in his fight with Luffy. Kidd fights with Law, and Kaido asks Momo to surrender. Momo also wanted to give up, but Yamato begged him to keep fighting, saying they should die together.

Luffy can really be a joey boy

After that, we go back to Zunisha’s conversation with Momo. Zunisha told Momo that 800 years later he heard the “drums of liberation”. Zunisha then said “Joy Boy is back”.

Eventually, we see Luffy’s body melt, and the bubble near him reads “Nika,” alluding to the sun god. Apparently Zunisha is talking about Luffy here, meaning our beloved Straw Hat Pirates are the reincarnation of Happy Boys.

It’s important to note that these are the first spoilers, and we’ll learn more about the events this weekend when the official chapter releases.

One Piece Chapter 1043 Release Date
One Piece Chapter 1043 is scheduled for a worldwide release on Sunday, March 13, 2022. You can read upcoming chapters for free on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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