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Chapter 166 of the famous action comic One Punch Man is coming, learn more about release date, Reddit spoilers, story and read chapters here

Episode 165 of One Punch Man focuses on the wolf dog. We learned that the wolfhound now understands the flow of all forces and how all forces in the universe work. So he can now imitate any action or strategy, and many others. If you also follow the One Punch Man comics, then you must be looking forward to Chapter 166. Let’s take a look at the release date and spoilers for the upcoming One Punch Man chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 166 release date and time, Reddit spoilers and story

In the last chapter, we saw that Saitama can easily hit him with his standard repeat punches. Garou now says that whatever he copies will grow and develop in intensity with his own talents. The wolfdog unexpectedly fired a fist that wiped out all life: a gamma-ray burst with the power of a supernova. But all he tried to do to Saitama was to rip his clothes off more than ever.

Garou then appears in front of the rest of the band of heroes and reveals who is responsible for all these horrific injuries. Later, when Bong rises from the crowd, Garoo wonders if he really turned out to be the worst. If you didn’t know, this is a sign of despair for all heroes.

Fans will be happy to know that the release date for One Punch Man Chapter 166 is June 23, 2033. You can watch this chapter on Thursday at 1:00 PM ET. Chapter 166 of the hit comic One Punch Man will be available on the Manga Plus App and Viz Media.

Chapter 166 Spoilers

The original scan of One Punch Man Chapter 166 has yet to be released. It will be released next week on June 21, 2022. Chapter 166 of the One Punch manga gets really interesting as it focuses on the ongoing battle.

In upcoming chapters, fans will learn more about Garou’s powers. Plus, in the last chapter, Saitama is just protecting himself. As if he didn’t mean it that way. The story of this volume hasn’t changed much, so it seems like the combat setup in chapter 166 of the manga will take longer.

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