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Outback Tik Tok Video Steakhouse Viral Twitter Reddit Shows Cook Making Steaks On ‘Dirty Grill’


It has become an everyday thing to see something going viral on the internet. From strange things to concerning stuff, plenty of videos come to the trending list and grab a lot of attention from the netizens. Recently, a cook from a popular Outback Steakhouse has gone viral and has become the topic of debate among internet users. On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, one video came to light that featured the cook who was seen grilling multiple steaks at the same time on a grill that appeared not so clean. Check all the details of the matter here in this article.

outback-TikTok Video

The now-viral video has sparked debates on restaurant kitchens and the labours. People are discussing if they should even consider eating out after seeing the dirty kitchens of popular restaurants. However, some people are also coming in the support of the cook and the restaurants altogether stating that it is pretty usual for the big and renowned restaurants having kitchens to be messy.

Outback Tik Tok Steakhouse Viral Video Details

Netizens are claiming that preparing food for such a huge number of people is not an easy task and that it will end up in the kitchen looking a bit messy and unorganized. Briefing the whole incident, the cook who also happens to be a Tik Toker shared behind the scenes Tik Tok from his kitchen. His video featured him grilling around 20 steaks simultaneously on a dirty grill. The said video garnered more than 53K views along with 466 likes.

However, after the matter got controversial, the cook took down the video this morning. The 14 seconds long video shows an array of steaks getting pressed on a grill that looks not clean while it is also seen dripping with oil. Now, the entire matter has raised eyebrows of the general public who have started a debate on the matter. Talking about Outback Steakhouse, it is a popular Australian-themed franchise that mainly specializes in providing steaks having an affordable price in a casual environment.

The restaurant franchise is located in almost 23 countries where they give space to the customers to sit comfortably to have some delicious and affordable steaks. After the video went viral, a few people took to Twitter and reacted to it. They wrote that they would refrain from eating in the restaurants from now on. Some also wrote that the mess is inevitable when preparing that amount of food at high speed. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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