Paulina Porizkova leaked photos and videos on Instagram

Paulina Porizkova responded to recent criticism of her with a nude photo, accusing her of “too much” attention to herself and her appearance.

“At your age, you should enjoy the love of your children and grandchildren, instead of traveling the world, parading half-naked and behaving like a sixteen-year-old girl,” slapped the hater on duty.

In response, the 56-year-old supermodel posted screenshots of the comments she received and a black and white photo. She still looks beautiful, naked and covered in private parts.

People who have taken care of their whole lives can finally do it for themselves. In fact, in the rare cases when my family needs me, I can also knit, cook and enjoy their warmth, but I can also bask in the tropical sun and in the arms of my lover. In this case, @ luigiandIango’s Amazing light “.

“I post bikinis and nude photos because I finally feel like my skin is better. I don’t do it to congratulate, or I like it. (They are really cute though). I do it because you see thousands of young women in the same situation. This is what you’re used to seeing. Nobody tells them to put on clothes. “

Polizkova concluded: “Older women are given wisdom, humor and patience, but not sensuality. Not sensuality. This is a great taboo in society, and that is why I publish what I publish.”

The long-standing legend of Polizkova has been liked by countless friends and famous friends, such as Lisa Linna and Helena Christensen.

Andy McDowell, who recently applauded Polizkova’s congratulations on Sarah Jessica Parker’s gray hair, also left a long reply: “Your body is great, especially for someone who has children and for people who have lived for so long. I think this is better. “Embracing the human body is better than embracing fear of the human body. “

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