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Peach Bowl Fan Fight Viral Video Women Knocked Down Check What Happened Exactly


For the past few years, College Football Bowl Season has not witnessed any fights between the teammates. Undoubtedly, it is a pretty good thing as what can be better than games taking place smoothly and without any fights or arguments. However, a piece of news is coming forward recently where it is reported that a violent showdown occurred in the stadium. The incident has been going viral on the internet and has become the most talked-about thing now. However, some people are still unaware of the entire matter. Check what we know about it.

Ugly Fan Fight Breaks Out At The Peach Bowl

Ever since the news of the fight broke out on the internet, it has occupied all the top trends. People have been talking about it on various social media platforms and are discussing it. Well, you must be wondering what even happened and why the topic is on the trending list. Let us tell you that after the Peach Bowl between Michigan State and Pitt, a violent and aggressive showdown was witnessed in the stadium that shocked everyone present there. As mentioned above, a video has been going viral, precisely on Twitter, that shows four people getting involved in an argument.

The video was shared by Joe Kinsey on December 31, 2021, on Twitter. Although it features four people, mainly two men are seen fighting each other. Several punches were thrown by both the men while a woman was seen trying to stop them. However, the woman got knocked down as well and fails to stop the fight. As the matter grows, other people also come in between and try to settle the argument. The fight continues to take place as neither the men stop and keep throwing punches at each other. Even though the fight was extreme, none of them got severe injuries.

The two minutes long video has been insanely going viral on the internet. Since it happened after the match between Pitt and Michigan, it is being speculated that they must be fans who supported their respective favourite teams and the game led them to get into a fight. However, it is not confirmed that what was the real cause of that extreme fight. Talking about the game, despite taking a lead of 21-10, Pitt couldn’t secure victory against Michigan as they defeated them with a 31-21. For more updates, keep following our site.

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