Full video Link: Plumadewax44 Twitter – Plumadewax44 Twitter Brutal Murder Videos

Plumadewax44 Twitter. Recently a twitter user “@plumadewax44” is trending. The unknown user joined the twitter recently and tweeted videos of “brutal murder” and “suicide”. People are massively searching for @plumadewax44 because of the videos shared by her.

The unknown user there is no mentioned name or profile picture is present. The user catches the eyes of netizens because of the videos of brutal videos shared by the user. The account is created 20 hours before and followers are increasing rapidly. The videos shared by the user are “Girl suicide video”, “beheaded video”, “murdering a girl with hammer and stone”, “murdering a man with gun”, and ” murdering a couple with knife”.

Watch some glimpses of @plumadewax44 videos, Below:

Video: Girl shot herself with gun:

WHO IS @plumadewax44 ON TWITTER?

The unknown users shocked netizens. The unknown user created an account 20 hours before.he became popular on twitter by 1218 followers in a very short period. he created his account on March, 2022 and handled by the name “pluma”. The user is still unknown but he mentioned “ig: yrgjxhnny” in bio. People are curious to know who is the user. also the reason why he/she is uploading this kind of videos.

VIDEOS OF @plumadewax44 – EXPLORED:

Currently, netizens are searching for a user who is tweeted violent videos. Here, you will get all the details about the videos tweeted by the unknown user on twitter. Last videos tweeted by the user was in which girl “shot” herself from revolver.

In another video some terrorist or some mans “beheaded” a person publicly. The unknown user only tweeted violent videos. Watch all the videos tweeted by the user, Below.

Video: A man beheaded publicly.

In one video a girl tied with a robe and beaten by the people brutally with some sort of stick or hammer and a big stone. Watch the video below:


A man shot and murdered brutally.

the first video posted by the user was a couple killed by a man with knife.

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