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Police Fail To Find Missing Girls In Leaked Obscene Video Twitter


Recently, a suspicious video has appeared on social media which is reported from Afghanistan, as soon as the users are getting familiarized with the video, their shocking reaction is coming out. Because the face which is appearing in the viral video is missing and the concerned department is investigating the case to figure out the exact cause behind her disappearance as a complaint has been filed by her mother. As soon as the case is catching the heat the concerned department is getting pressurized to find out her as soon as possible, so you can check some pieces of details below.

Quetta Video Scandal: Police Fail To Find Missing Girls In Leaked Obscene Video Twitter

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the missing girl lately grabbed the limelight as her viral content took place on social media, therefore, she got the popularity because social media is such a platform that can make four moons in anyone’s popularity. But since her disappearance news came made several people shocked, because no one had imagined that she will get missing in such a strange manner after getting viral on social networking sites. On Friday, her content got caught heat and hence she got numerous comments, but now her case has been overturned properly.

Quetta Video Scandal Explained

It is being reported, that the concerned department has released the statement in which they said, that victim’s mother who filed the complaint to find her daughter, also got disappeared. Police say that both are missing in Afghanistan and efforts to find them are under investigation. Lately, the police have brought two men into custody on the behalf of suspicion, because they have a previous record of bullying them and he has seen with them multiple times. Therefore, he has been taken into custody so that, if their involvement has happened in the case, so they can get an appropriate sentence.

Further, they have said that both suspects have been sent into remand for at least 14 days because their involvement could be behind their disappearance. Because both have past which connects the victims hence, interrogation is going ahead to find the prime suspect. Even these guys became the cause of her unhappiness, as she got fired from the job due to some exploits created by them. So as soon as the investigation is going ahead many unknown facts are coming to the fore, because of which, a sword of suspicion is hanging on the neck, so when something comes again we will update you.

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