Police Make Arrest In Beltline Death

Suspicious Death Beltline: Police Make Arrest In Beltline Death: According to reports, there is news that came out on the internet that Police have arrested a homicide in Beltline. On February 26, Atlanta police homicide investigators have made a second arrest in the Thomas Arnold in Inman Park. Demetrice Ross, 26, was arrested and brought to the Fulton County Jail on March 16. Brandon Williams, the alleged gunman, was arrested on March 12 and is being held at the jail without bond. A third suspect was seen on a surveillance video released by APD, and investigators are still looking for him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Suspicious Death Beltline

Suspicious Death Beltline

Pedestrians discovered Arnold, a Poncey-Highland citizen, and community volunteer, with a single gunshot wound at the Elizabeth Street and Bernina Avenue entrance to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail. Investigators are finding out the male who has been captured in the CCTV photo. His identity has not been known yet. But once known then it is not hard to catch him. He was a suspect in the January 15 shooting death of Mark Richards Jr. at 24 William H. Borders Drive.

In the CCTV footage, you will see that four men were following behind the woman and waiting for the moment to shoot her. And when they got the perfect moment they shoot her. Police believe Lee and the individuals have some disputes between them in which their matter will not sort out. And they shot her. Regarding this Atlanta Police, Homicide Unit announced on the internet and posted some poster which says,

The Homicide Unit is seeking any information on the homicide investigation of Ms. Lashunder Edge. The victim has been shot at the Chevron Gas Station which was located at 1683 Lakewood Ave SE on March 1, 2022. The victim later died from her injuries. The suspects were traveling in what appears to be a dark-colored Acura SUV and a grey traveling in what appears to be a dark-colored Acura SUV and a grey sedan. If anyone has any information pertaining to this homicide or the identity of the suspects, contact the Atlanta Police Homicide Unit at 404-506-4235.

Investigators have been finding out the identity of the person. Cops are finding out the exact reason for what’s exactly happened. Officers found an adult male with a gunshot wound and Edge with a gunshot wound. Investigators believe the suspects were traveling in a dark SUV which has been in their custody. They have just this information and they didn’t find any more information related to him.


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