Pope Benedicto XVI dead?, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger dies, cause of death

The death of Benedict XVI, the pope emeritus who resigned from office and was succeeded by the current Pope Francis, was reported on social networks.

The announcement was made by the president of the German Episcopal Conference, Georg Bätzing.

Although there is no confirmation of this in the social network of Pope Francis.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Minister of Honor for the Doctrine of the Doctrine, will be one of the main speakers at the 95th anniversary of Benedict XVI in Spain.

Cardinal Müller will speak on the second day of the conference entitled “Unity of Church and Faith”, organized by the Ángel Herrera Faculty of Humanities of CEU San Pablo University, the Christiana Wittes Foundation of Germany and the Church Theological Association.

The Spanish Monsignor José Ignacio Munilla, bishop of Orihuela-Alicante and the brother of his bishop, Monsignor Juan Antonio Reig, bishop of Alcalá de Henares, will also participate in the act.

The Basque bishop in charge of the vicar of the Diocese of Alicante will deliver a speech entitled Benedict XVI. Thank you”, while the Complutense bishop referred to the image of the Pope Emeritus as “a witness and promoter of the Christian family”.

The event took place on October 26 and 27 at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid and is organized by the Catholic Propaganda Association.

Among other speakers, the meeting was attended by the biographer of Benedict XVI Peter Siwald, Father Carlos Granados, Joseph Ratzinger/Editor of the Complete Spanish Works of Benedict XVI, the famous Spanish historian Alberto Barsena or the papal deputy minister. P. Markus Gaurlich SDB, President of Legislative Texts and Church Theological Association.

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