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Prachi Exposes Rhea At The Party


One of the high voltage drama show called Kumkum Bhagya is turning piping hot in the terms of drama which is totally unexpected in the script. As you all have been watching for a long time that Prachi has converted into another version which is getting heavy on everyone in the house. So, the episode begins with Prachi talking to Pallavi asking who can understand things better than her, and why she is not focusing on the problems, and despite knowing who is bad she is not opening her mouth.

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Pallavi then asks her why she is pretending to be something that she is not. Prachi smiles looking at her, she then says to Prachi that her tongue has started to run like a scissor. Prachi replies that she did not become this from her own but time has made her this way. Prachi then says her that she always considered Pallavi as her mother and always love her the same way she does with her mom, Pallavi looks at her, Prachi continues saying that she thought that when everyone will go against her.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Full Update

She will be the one who will understand everything and forgive her like her mother but she proved her wrong and told that she is only her mother in law and not a real mother. Pallavi says her to button her lips, while Prachi tells her “you are the one who wants her happiness more than her son’s happiness”. Pallavi then warns her saying that if she even thought to do any drama in the party then she will make the worst for her. Prachi promises her that she will not do anything wrong but also not let anything wrong happen as well.

Pallavi then asks that how should she believe that she will not create any drama because she came back just to tell everyone that she is the wife of Ranbir. Prachi then says her that why she keeps cursing her even when she knows the reality. So, as the episode is going on no doubt that tonight there will be an amazing episode. So, just to shoot your curiosity down we would love to let you know that tonight Prachi will tell Sahana that Rhea cheated on her and wear that Gajra deliberately so that Ranbir can easily recognize her with the help of the fragrance of Gajra. So, stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on the show.

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