Prof. Marian Zembala Cause of Death How Did He Die? What Happened To Him?

Marian Zembala, one of the most reputed and famous professors of all time found dead in some strange circumstances. However, he was old but it didn’t look like natural causes claimed his life. As per the reports, the corpse of the director of  Silesian Heart Center had been found after which he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. A letter has been discovered after his death. The horrific incident took place on Saturday 19th March 2022 in the morning in the indoor swimming pool of his home in Zbrosławice. Get more information on Marian Zembala death cause.

Prof. Marian Zembala

The incident wreaked havoc and stunned almost everyone who knew the glorious personality. The case even came to the attention of law enforcement and they began their investigation. As of now, the officers are trying to obtain critical clues that can assist them to conclude the case. However, there are equal chances of committing suicide revealed by officers. It is being said that the letter is quite protected and they have kept it safe. It was supposed that the letter would become significant evidence that will aid the official to untangle the case.

Prof. Marian Zembala Death Reason

But the content of the letter is dedicated to relatives, the letter reads that he didn’t want to become a burden. The words of the letter have been revealed by a person who is aware of the backstage of the entire case. The family of the professor informed the police department about the death of the professor and his body had been recovered from the inside swimming pool of his home in Zbrosławice. As of now, the corpse of the professor has been sent for autopsy and officers are waiting for reports.

If we talk about the ultimate genius was always be the first priority for the case of heart and lung transplantation in the year 2001. He even conducted successful bypass surgery on 103 years old patient. In the year 2012, the professor had been honoured with the Papal Medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice – For the Church and the Pope. The medal is considered one of the notable and reputed acknowledgements by the Pontificial Office.

Later, in 2015 he was appointed as the minister of health in Ewa Kopacz. He suffered a stock almost 4 years earlier and ever since he was in the wheelchair. Our heart goes out to the family member of Marian Zambala. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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