Queen Consort wields what authority? Camilla Parker is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II

When Queen Elizabeth II said she supports calling Camilla Parker Bowles “Queen Consort” after Prince Charles becomes King, she surprised the Internet. The Queen announced the good news in an official letter written from Sandringham House, where she was hosting a reception in honor of her 70th anniversary as monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her support for the Duchess of Cornwall becoming Queen Camilla in the letter. The decision came in the form of a special Platinum Jubilee message from the 95-year-old British monarch, which would ultimately help shape the British monarchy’s future. Prince Charles’s second wife is Camilla Parker Bowles. From 1981 to 1996, he was married to Princess Diana of Wales. In a horrific car accident in Paris, Princess Diana died.

What was Prince Philip’s reason for not being crowned king? Following his marriage to Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh was dubbed “Prince Consort.”

Kate Middleton has been urged to take on additional royal responsibilities beginning in 2020 as the future Queen Consort.

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