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Rakhi Sawant & Abhijeet’s Heated Fight


The quite sensational and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is ready to make you feel over the top again through the coming broadcasting, because recently we have watched the nominations special task. Where the VIP contestants had a right to select one contestant from NON-VIPs to whom they want to make safe from the coming eliminations. So something similar is going to take place through the 7th December 2021, because it is being speculated that still, the nominations task could be continued because a safe contestant name did not come to the fore. so below you can check the essential details along with voting details.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Today's Episode 7th Dec 2021: Rakhi Sawant & Abhijeet's Heated Fight

The upcoming episode begins where Bigg Boss announces the Ticket To Finale task because only a few weeks are left in the grand finale, and therefore every week the viewers will get the finalist because the top 5 finalist selections begin in the house. So you can suppose how would the episode be amazing because many clashes are ready to commence between the contestants, and as far as we have concerned everyone wants to enter in the top 5 selection because everyone would like to make the title on their name as the winner.

Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode Highlights

  • Ticket To Finale (TFT) task begins
  • Weekly the viewers will get the finalist
  • Rakhi Sawant announces that she wants to be the finalist

Later, Rakhi Sawant goes out of control due to derogatory remarks of Abhijit Bichukale as heh addresses her husband that ” She hired her husband on rent”. As soon as she hears the statement her anger goes out of control and says that he does not have the right to address her relationship as fake, then he replies that he was just kidding as Salman Khan did on the weekend ka vaar, meanwhile, Rakhi says that Salman Khan did not say anything like this.

Then Rakhi Sawant throws such things as chairs, bed sheets by saying that if he addresses her husband fake so, she will not tolerate it. Meanwhile, Ritesh also says that a human says the same words stuffed in their mind, so he can not say that he said these remarks by the way. Meantime, Rakhi climbs on Abhijit’ss bed and says that she needs to talk to him some come to deboard but he tries to make her cool down while saying, that he did not mean to hurt her. But Rakhi Sawant does not ready to accept his apology or statement as he addressed her relationship as fake.

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