Ranveer Throws Ansh Off Terrace?

The latest written episode of Sirf Tum starts with Suhani. She asks Ranveer to leave Ansh. He does as Suhani tells him to and says that he does not accept their marriage. Ranveer says that it’s not a relationship between them but two families so he will never accept it. Suhani says that whether he accepts it or not, he can not change the fact that she is married to Ansh now. Suhani says that she married him to save her father’s life as his absence could have resulted in his health deteriorating.

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Suhani tells Ranveer to leave her and Ansh and goes ahead to tear the divorce papers. Ranveer just looks at them as they leave. In the next scene, Suhani gives juice to Ansh. The latter says that he will file a complaint against Ranveer as he attempted to kill him. Ranveer comes and threatens Ansh to kill him for lying. He says that he will not hesitate to murder him as he snatched his Suhani from him. Ranveer angrily picks up Ansh and throws him off the terrace. Rakesh wakes up sweating and it is shown that it was just a bad dream.

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Rakesh gets tense and thinks that Ranveer will kill Ansh. Dadi comes and asks him to calm down as it was just a dream. Rakesh calls Ansh and asks him about his well-being. Ansh asks Suhani should he tell her father about her lover trying to kill her. Rakesh says that Ranveer will not remain silent since he is thinking of the mishap as his personal loss. Ansh assures Rakesh that he will take care of Suhani well and asks him not to worry about her. Here, Suhani attends her class. Her classmates ask her about her marriage.

Meanwhile, Ansh comes to the class and invites everyone to their wedding party. Suhani leaves to submit the assignment. Ranveer comes and tells her that he will check her assignment first. Suhani does not pay much attention to him and just hands her assignment to the professor. The professor tells her that he can not submit the assignment as it has several mistakes and asks her to resubmit it by 5 PM. Ranveer volunteers to help her. Ansh sees them talking and asks Suhani why is she talking to Ranveer. Ranveer warns him and asks to stay away from them. Ansh leaves while inviting Ranveer to the party.

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