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Rapper Flavor Flav Comes ‘Close to Death’ After Huge Boulder Hits Car Check Video Images


American rapper Flavor Flav has recently been to the headlines after experiencing near death. Well, as soon as he took his social media to share the fear or better say the experience people across the globe started to send him wishes and congratulate him for his lucky fate. However, most of the people are writing the same thing in their captions “Congratulations To Flavor to be alive, luckily”. So, here is the complete update on your favorite musical artists near the death moment.

Rapper Flavor Flav Huge Boulder accident

As per the reports, the American Rapper William Jonathan Drayton Jr who is prominently known by his artist name Flavor Flav was traveling from Las Vegas to LA on Tuesday and when he was heading towards LA, suddenly massive rain came which caused a massive boulder to fall down a cliff, and the scene entire change when that boulder directly hit his car. However, he is alive and seems to be scared because the size of that boulder is reportedly huge that can take his life and the musical world will experience one more loss, people are also getting keen to know that is he alive they all are searching like, in which car was Flavor Flav going to LA when the boulder strike. So, we would like to tell you that as per the reports the Public Enemy Rapper was in his Audi at the time of the accident.

Well, as per the pictures we saw of his car, saying this won’t be and that damage could have up to the extent and as he is safe so everyone is wishing him for a good fate that he has because the scene could be different if he gets some inches ahead. His manager told the sources that the rapper is physically safe and thanked God he is ok, adding he’s “a bit emotionally shaken up”.

Well, as he is safe so hope you all are wishing him and if not so do wish him, because he just got out of the incident that could be more dangerous and heart-wrenching as well. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates across the globe.

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