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Rapper Jehza (Jethzaniel Rosado) Dead Or Alive? Murder & Suicide Rumours Are Real Or Fake?


It is coming forward that the renowned rapper Jehza has died at the young age of 32. Known as Jethzaniel Rosado, the rapper is reported to have died on Monday, December 20, 2021. Now, the netizens are mourning his sudden passing on their respective social media accounts and are paying him a heartfelt tribute. The internet has gotten flooded with emotional posts and RIP messages as no one seems to believe the fact that such a young rapper has left the world. Besides, people are also searching for Jehza cause of death. Here’s everything we know about it.

Rapper Jehza

As per reports, rapper Jehza died on Dec 20 near his home in Carolina’s Jardines de Country Club Urbanization. It is being said that the rapper died in suspicious circumstances, Yes, believing the reports that are surfacing online, the 32-year-old rapper was allegedly shot to death. The horrific incident took place on Monday around 8:56 PM. There are also possibilities of another person present there at the scene. However, we do not claim if the rapper was shot and killed as no confirmation regarding the same has come to the front yet. It is also not sure if Jehza is dead or alive.

Talking about Jehza, his real name was Jethzaniel Rosado. Apart from being a rapper, he was also a popular singer and had delivered several hits in his career. He was also known as a member of the Los G4 company which reportedly worked with White Lion Records. The rapper was not just associated with singing or rapping but he took great interest in writing his own songs too. Recently, Jehza released his single titled “La Mitad de Los Chavos”. He co-wrote the song and experimented with several genre exponents which undoubtedly gained applause from the listeners.

Rapper Jehza had also shot a song named “Yo Se Remix” which will be released on Dec 24, 2021. It would be the last video of the rapper which will be seen by the fans while remembering him. Other than this, he has also written plenty of songs for “Los Chulitos”, an album of De La Ghetto. Apart from it, not much information regarding Jehza’s personal life is known yet. He also doesn’t have any official Wikipedia page which can provide any detail about him. Our team is trying to collect information about the rapper and will update him sooner or later. Till then, stay connected with our site.

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