Rashmi And Devoleena Fight Full Written Update 17th Dec 2021

Hello all the entertainment lovers, your favorite most controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is bringing a fire full episode for you, that will set the hot atmosphere definitely. Because as soon as the days are passing Devoleena and Rashmi Desai’s enmity is getting increased up to the extent and becoming the cause of their verbal battle. Something similar is going to happen in 17th December 2021 broadcasting, where the housemates have to choose a name for the “Jail Sentence” and almost everyone takes Devoleena’s name which hurts her a lot, so what will be new check the details below.

Bigg Boss 15: Rashmi And Devoleena Fight Full Written Update 17th Dec 2021

The recent episode begins, where almost everyone takes Devoleena’s name for the “Jail Sentence” but the twist arrives when Abhijit Bichukale gives a reason that she did not live up to the expectation of her friendship with Rashmi Desai as she accused her of plenty of inappropriate things. Meanwhile, Devoleena loses her calm and goes to ask him that how could he say this without knowing about them in such a manner, and says that when Rashmi needed her she was stood by her, but if she does not take it to the serious so it not her fault.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Episode Highlights

Meanwhile, Rashmi stands and says that she is giving her wrong statement because everyone has watched that what she has done with her. Meantime, Devoleena says to Rashmi that if she used this statement outside so she would break her mouth, as she has a problem with fake people and Rashmi stands on the top of the list. Meanwhile, Rashmi replies that everyone knows that who is fake, and who needs people in the fight. Then Rashmi also gets out of control and takes a thing in her hand by saying that if she does not go away so she will ghit her definitely.

  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee slams Abhijit Bichukale
  • Rashmi and Devoleena get into an ugly argument
  • Rashmi Desai addresses Devoleena as an insecure woman.

Later, Rakhi breaks down in tears emotionally while talking to Ritesh that why he is not giving her appropriate attention to her husband, what is the issue but Ritesh does not say anything and leaves the place by mentioning that he is getting tired and wants to take a nap. Then Rakhi unleashes her feelings with Tejasswi that she gets hurt with this behavior of him because he always does such things to hurt her. So watch it on Colors at 10:30 PM and for further details connect with us.

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