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Rashmi & Devoleena Get Into An Ugly Fight


The quite emphatic TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is ready to make your weekend amazing as the host Salman Khan is set to take a class of housemates, through the coming weekend ka vaar episode, which is going to take place on 12th, December 2021. Recently, the relationship of Karan Kundra and Tejasswoi Prakash is remained to hit potato among their admirers, because these days, many problems are going on between the two, which is a matter of concern as Karan Kundra passed such remark on Tejasswi. So below you can check everything along with the exclusive eliminations updates.

Bigg Boss 15 Elimination Episode 12th December 2021: Rashmi & Devoleena Get Into An Ugly Fight

The recent episode begins where Salman Khan slams Karan Kundra in such a manner so that, he can not make the same mistakes again. Because recently he has done plenty of inappropriate things with Tejasswi, while, raising finger on her trust and game playing and it is not the first time, he has done many times which is not fair. Because as they are watching Tejasswi is not hiding anything from her no matter it is related to the game or anything but despite this, all the time he is doubting her.

Bigg Boss 15 Full Today’s Episode

  • Salman Khan Slams Karan Kundra for misbehaving with Tejasswi
  • Tejasswi breaks down in tears
  • Shocking eliminations are ready to take place.

Later, when Karan Kundra tries to reply Slaman interrupts him and says that where he should have said something he did not so now let him finish. Hence, Salman Khan says that all the time he raises his finger on Tejasswi, so did he take a stand for Tejasswi ever. Meanwhile, Salman addresses him selfish and insecure one and says that he should focus on his game and relationship if both want to carry it ahead because these minor things make their life miserable which is not good for any relationship.

After a while, Farah Khan comes on the stage and slams the entire housemates by saying that they have created such an atmosphere which became the because of Salman’s fed-up ness. Meanwhile, she addresses the season as one of the most mischiefs seasons at the same time, she asks them to take a unanimous decision so that, Jail task could begin and therefore Devoleena takes Rashmi’s name and Rashmi takes Devoleena’s name. Because of this, their immense fight takes place where they cross their limits through their wording, and Farah Khan is also fed up and leaves the stage.

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