Rayan is dead, The Child who fell into a well in Morocco 32 meters deep

The condition of the 5-year-old is unknown. He has been trapped in a 100-foot well since Tuesday, with rescuers working day and night to free him.

A 5-year-old boy was pulled from a 100-foot-deep well in northern Morocco on Saturday night, ending a four-day thrilling rescue operation that stunned Morocco and many others in North Africa.

The boy, Rayan, has been trapped in a well near his home in Ighrane, a small village about 60 miles from the blue-walled city of Chefchaouen, since Tuesday afternoon.

His condition is unclear. His parents looked tired but calm as he was carried on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. He was transferred to a helicopter waiting at the scene to take him to a hospital in a big city.

Rescuers worked around the clock to rescue the boy, first digging in the well, then – when they feared the wall might collapse – pushing a huge ditch from the well and digging a horizontal tunnel to reach him.

Until the last moment, workers carefully tried to get him out of the tunnel connecting the new shaft and shaft without causing a landslide.

Video from the scene on Friday night showed rescue workers manually drilling sideways to Rayan, their work illuminated by headlights, as crowds of onlookers erupted into shouts of prayer and encouragement.

Some onlookers sat nearby or spent the night under a nearby tree, eager to witness the crisis resolved. Rayan’s family makes couscous, a traditional Moroccan dish, and serves it to the crowd. Others distribute bread and dates.

Earlier in the operation, rescuers were able to deliver oxygen and water to Rayan, but his condition was delicate: In short videos of the boy shared to social media, he appeared to be shaking slightly, according to state-run news agency Maghreb Arabe Presse. Still, his moving images offer hope.

They weren’t sure he was alive until rescuers were able to lower the cameras with ropes to monitor him.

“Everyone is doing their best to get him out alive and we can have him in our arms before the end of the day,” Rayan’s father told local publication Le360 earlier this week. “But I’m not hiding it from you, his mother and I are very upset and worried.”

He said he had been working on the well, which he owned, but Layan fell into it while he was playing. But initially, he was unaware of where the boy had gone and had been looking for him for hours before he was found.

Rescuers from the Royal Gendarmerie and a team of surveyors and municipal staff were involved in the rescue effort. Local news reports said even the local mountaineering and caving association was helping.

The small village was packed with reporters like never before, many of whom were streaming live scenes of bulldozers digging under floodlights to tens of thousands of viewers.

Five bulldozers reached nearly the full depth of 100 feet by midday Friday, but rescuers then had to dig horizontally into Rayan’s tunnel, manually digging about 18.5 feet. Rain and hard rock on the digger’s path complicate the job.

The hashtag #SaveRayan became a viral call to action on Twitter as Moroccans waited in suspense. On Friday, the hashtag caught on in Morocco and neighboring Algeria, and even in France, which has a large Moroccan diaspora.

“I was shocked when they told me he was in the well, I’m still shocked but I still hope he comes out alive,” Rayan’s mother told Hespress, another Moroccan news outlet. “I ask Allah to let him come out alive.”

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