RCMP arrest 13 people, seize weapons and ammunition

Arrests At Coutts Border: RCMP arrest 13 people, seize weapons and ammunition: As per the latest report, The Alberta RCMP apprehended 13 protestors explained as being part of a “criminal organization” at an illicit blockade at the Coutts border crossing, after discovering they had access to a cache of armor, ammunition, and guns. The probe into the group which the RCMP stated had a “willingness to use force against the police” if tries were made to throw into confusion the blockade started earlier this week, as they joined the anti-COVID-19 mandate protest blocking Highway 4, south of Lethbridge. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Arrests At Coutts Border

Arrests At Coutts Border

In a news release, Mounties stated that they executed a search warrant early Monday morning on 3 trailers linked with the group, discovering 13 long guns, handguns, several sets of body armor, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition, and high capacity magazines. Following the search, they apprehended 11 people and later in the day, apprehended another person reportedly tied to the same group and seized 2 more firearms. A 13th person was apprehended Monday afternoon after police stated the driver of a semi-accelerated towards Mounties, swerving at the last moment into some traffic cones. All 13 people remain in police custody; no charges had been laid as of press time.

The RCMP though asserted that a number of probes and potential charges are open surrounding the apprehended. One of the charges police are probing and potential charges are open surrounding the arrests. One of the charges police are probing is “conspiracy to commit murder,” stated Supt. Roberta McKale while addressing media near Coutts. That probe is based on menaces directed at officers.

McKale stated, “It came to a point where for the safety of the members and for the safety of the public, we definitely had to act and act fastly. These weapons were brought by people who had the intent (of) causing harm.” Cops stated an example of the “militant mindset of a small segment of the protest” appeared Sunday night, 13th February 2022 at 08:00 PM when a semi and a large tractor tried to ram the police vehicle.

The officer was capable to steer his vehicle out of the way, and the RCMP is now searching for the tractor driver. Cops seized the semi and the tractor. Chad Williamson, an attorney serving with the protestors, denied commenting on the circumstances surrounding the arrests but informed Postmedia he is evaluating charges against demonstrators.

He stated, “At this time, we are in the process of being retained by individual clients, appointing defense counsel.” At the time of an unrelated press conference Monday morning, Premier Jason Kenney stated the enforcement action “underscores the severity of what has been occurring.” He stated the probe of RCMP into the group has been ongoing for the last week.


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