Home Death And Obituary Reginald Patterson Video is out: Madison Police Video Goes Viral online

Reginald Patterson Video is out: Madison Police Video Goes Viral online


Reginald Patterson Video leaked: Madison Police ‘S3x’ Video Goes Viral

The Madison Police Department announced that a Madison police lieutenant recorded by an onlooker had sex with a woman in a police car in a farm and fleet parking lot and resigned on Wednesday.

An internal police investigation found that Lieutenant Reginald Patterson “violated the policies of multiple departments” in the September 16 incident, and “resignation is considered appropriate action,” Police Chief Sean Barnes Said in a statement.

Police department spokesperson Stephanie Fryer (Stephanie Fryer) said that the investigation was completed on Monday, and Barnes was preparing to seek the dismissal of Patterson from the City Police and Fire Commission, which is responsible for the hiring, dismissal and dismissal of police officers in accordance with state law. Disciplinary action.

“The PFC hearing requires a full trial,” she said in an email, which may take up to a year, during which Patterson will continue to take paid leave. She said that under the civil service system, letting Patterson take unpaid leave is not an option.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office found that there was no criminal incident in a side parking lot of the 2202 Stoughton Road store. Barnes had previously stated that the woman involved was not a prostitute.

Madison police are investigating the police officer in this video. The audio has been deleted because it contains profanity and unsubstantiated allegations.

Last month, Marcel Scott, the person who filmed the video, said that he saw “white legs suddenly appearing on the back of the police car” in the parking lot of the store.

“You can see images of two bodies,” he said.

Scott said he walked to the car and saw a man crushed on a woman. He described her as blue hair in her 20s or 30s. He described the officer as an older, bald, black male with a mustache.

The people in the team stopped their hands when they saw him filming the video, and the woman began to cover herself. Later, Patterson can be seen briefly leaving the driver’s side back door of the team, and then returning to the car. Scott said he thought Patterson was going to enter the front door on the driver’s side, but then returned to the car, Scott recorded him and climbed over the front seat to prepare to drive away.

The police did not confirm that Patterson was the person in the video until Wednesday, but the Wisconsin Daily News reported his identity on October 14 after confirming with a current and a former department employee.

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