Release Date & Time Preview Spoilers Alert Of Yellowstone season 5

Release Date & Time Preview Spoilers Alert Of Yellowstone season 5: After a long wait, Yellowstone Season 5 is coming to entertain the fans. It is no doubt to state that it is one of the most popular shows on television in recent years. The show keeps getting better with each season and makes the fans hooked to it. Well, this is the reason why the fans were anticipating the premiere of the show. Be it its engaging storyline or its beautiful visuals, the show has managed to keep the fans entertained for a while. Here, in this article, check out the release date and other details of the show.

Yellowstone season 5


It is no doubt to state that the fans are excited to see Neal McDonough’s Malcolm Beck’s character on the Paramount show. In the previous season, it was shown that Duttons got rid of Garrett Randall and it was the Duttons who emerged victorious. Although John took a sigh of relief that his enemy has been neutralized, there could be someone else coming for him now. In the final standoff with John, it was shown that Malcolm died after being shot multiple times. Well, it is said that the character will make a comeback in the upcoming season.

If Malcolm actually comes back to the show, let us tell you that it would not be the first time when a character was presumed dead as in Season 1 when everyone thought that Dan Jenkins had died after swinging from a tree, he returned in Season 2 and was declared that he is not dead but alive. He was brought down from the tree and was alive. Likewise, it will not be shocking to see Malcolm returning in the upcoming season as well. It could be shown that the bullets missed his vital organs or maybe someone saved his life.

Let us add that Yellowstone Season 5 is in production now and it has not been announced yet when will it get premiered on Paramount. However, a slate of new actors has been announced as the new cast members of the show. It is coming forward that McDonough’s name is not among the names on the cast and crew’s list that has been released. Let us also add that there are high chances that the makers are keeping McDonough’s return a secret as they want to surprise the fans.

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