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RHOC’S Noella Bergener Is in a New Relationship Amid Divorce: ‘We’re Friends Who Kiss’


Once again, RHOC’S Noella Bergner is becoming the hot potato among her admirers regarding her new relationship status amid divorce. Since the news popped out plenty of remarks are taking place on social media where her admirers are searching about the name which is popping out with her, and seems to have a connection as well. Therefore, almost everyone is looking ahead to get the comprehensive details behind the news, because no one would like to be ignorant of any vital detail of their favorite one. Below you could make yourself blessed with the genuine details.

RHOC Noella Bergener

According to the reports, the person with whom she is having an interest did not identify yet maybe she does not want to unleash the face or name now. Because hitherto she is looking ahead to get the divorce from him, so that, both can focus on their life, as plenty of issues has been faced by them recently. Therefore, they decided to live happily while making their ways separate because it seems better to be alone instead of having a toxic relationship. This is what is being claimed by the report, as she did not make any statement yet on the action which she is going to take.

RHOC’S Noella Bergener

It is being reported, that Noella is a 36-years-old woman who shares a 2-years-old son James along with her former husband James. Lately, she posted a long statement on Instagram, in which, she wrote such vital pieces of information regarding her current situation as several searches were reported. So you could also see that on social media while visiting on her Instagram handle, because whenever something comes into the limelight related to the relationship status of a popular face, it remains the hot discussion as well and enhanced the massive curiosity of the users as well.

So here we have conferred such details which derived from the other trusted sources, so when something will come regarding her relationship status we will make you update for sure. Because yet the reports are coming to the fore along with some different claiming of her current relationship status while, unleashing the name of the men with whom she is having the interest to make an alliance ahead. So stay connected with us to know more because now only her statement could remove all the confusion among the users.

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