Richelle Ryan OnlyFans Star will offer free content if Cincinnati Bengals win Super Bowl

Richelle Ryan, an OnlyFan star, took to Instagram recently to voice her displeasure with the quarterback’s attire, flashing him a flame emoji as he entered the locker room. She also promised to make her OnlyFans fully free for her supporters if the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.

Previously, the OnlyFan star admitted to having a crush on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who has led the club to the Super Bowl with some outstanding performances.

The Bengals quarterback was hoping to lead his side to victory at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The Los Angeles Rams, on the other hand, defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium.

After winning the Super Bowl in 2000, this was the Rams’ second championship. Bengal might please a lot of her admirers if she can overcome Ram.

Richelle Ryan Took Her Point To Social Media

During the game, she even mocked Ram with an Instagram message that said, “The year is 2022. In Los Angeles, Matt Stafford is playing in the Super Bowl against the Cinc innati Bengals. At halftime, Eminem and Snoop Dogg will perform. Tom Brady is no longer active. The Cowboys are still bad. “It’s a good life.”

In another tweet last month, Richelle Ryan joked that she wants to add Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to her ‘roster.’ On her Instagram account, Richelle Ryan, 36, posted a video of Burrow leading the Bengals to the NFL playoffs. She raved over the celebrity on social media, stating, “He’s so cute, I want to add him to my roster,” according to the Daily Star.

Ryan uploaded the video with her 3.5 million Instagram followers, where she is known for posting sexy photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie. Ryan may not be interested in adding Joe to her team after this setback. Joe must first complete a task. Burrow requires a Super Bowl victory.

Hints That Confirm Joe Can Join Richelle’s Squad

Richelle Ryan hinted in another Instagram story that if Joe wins the Super Bowl, he could join her squad. “He can join my roster once he wins the Super Bowl…couldn’t distract him now,” she wrote in the caption.

Although, even if he wins the Super Bowl, Joe might not be interested in joining her roster because Burrow has been dating Olivia Holzmacher since 2017, when the two met at Ohio State University, according to sources.

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