RIP: Watch Julio Otero Fernandez DEATH VIDEO, An 18-Year-Old Boy Dragged To Death By A Crocodile!

Hello, here welcome back to our article. This article is going to be very shocking as we are here with death news that is grabbing a lot of attention and these days social media is completely filled with a lot of questions regarding a particular video which is quite horrifying so you might be curious to know about the whole situation so a boy has been seen in this video and now what happened next so stay tuned with us and read this article till last to know exactly what is the matter and why this video is grabbing a lot of attention.

What Happened With Julio Otero Fernandez?

This article is going to be very shocking as a boy who is 8 years old was being dragged under the water by a crocodile yes it is truly talking about the name of the boy so his name is Julio Otero Fernandez. So he was a schoolboy who was badly killed in this particular incident are been killed by a crocodile while he was paddling near the river located at his home and now his parents are completely devastated to know this particular incident.

Julio Otero Fernandez Death Video

However, after this when he was being dragged under the water he started splashing around the water the water was below his level however the crocodile took him deeper into the river and his family couldn’t do anything but the body is not found yet and investigators are still investigating the whole river to find his body. However, the parents are now planning on moving to another city as they wanted to protect their other four children the age of their four children varies between three and 16 years old.

Julio Otero Fernandez Dragged To Death By A Crocodile

However, the nearby authorities have been trying their best so they can also find this big reptile who has been taking and killing people and now it is a matter of seriousness as no people are getting scared going into that location. Talking about the family so they are not in a good situation as they have lost their child and at this moment we would like to give them privacy and strength so that they can face the bad days ahead. For further information, we will make sure to inform you.

Boy, 8, mauled to death by crocodile in front of parents as hunt continues  for body - World News - Mirror Online

You are sad announcing this sad passing of a boy we are sending our deep sympathy and condolence to the whole family at this crucial time losing someone is never easy we can realise that we are blessed to have been able to share his life. The hardest part of this particular incident was that the parents saw the child getting killed by a big reptile in front of their eyes nothing could be worse than this but they cannot do anything.

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